Grazia Examines The Rise of ‘Instarexics’

August 30, 2015

Since my article about wellness bloggers was published in The Mail on Sunday, many people have expressed their feelings towards the darker side of fitspo.

To my surprise, many have also chosen to use the article as a chance to promote themselves and highlight what responsible, professional and inspirational bloggers they are, how they’ve never had issues and why everyone should follow them… I’m not going to name names, but it’s this kind of naive and irresponsible behavior that makes me really cross. But asking these individuals to take themselves and their number of followers out of the picture for just a second – seems like a waste of time.

Thankfully Grazia have followed the piece with an article about how my and many others concerns about certain wellness bloggers, deserves attention. For the full article click here. To reiterate – I think in general, wellness bloggers do a great job at motivating others to lead healthy lives. But those who are obsessive and unbalanced/misleading in their posts – I ask you to think about the influence you’re having…


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  • Reply Anon August 30, 2015 at 6:16 pm

    Dear Poppy,

    I 100% agree and would like to thank you for pointing this out. It is so irresponsible and harmful for these fitspo bloggers to portray themselves as living healthy and sustainable lifestyles and still achieving a certain “look” while actually they are starving and overexercising. It is unfair and honestly quite dangerous, and there is a thin line between between these accounts and pro-ana accounts. Although obviously it is impossible to regulate who is actually being healthy and honest about their lifestyle and fitness goals, these bloggers should take one second to reflect on how they may be harming the many people who look to them for inspiration instead of posting another selfie showing off a figure that has required an excessive and unhealthy amount of self-discipline to achieve.

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