6 Vitamin Shots

April 7, 2014

I’m an active girl and although I believe the best way to replenish energy comes from staying hydrated and eating a well balanced diet, I  have to admit that occasionally,  I need an additional quick and easy pick me up (Friday afternoon being a prime example).

ENERGYVITAMINSHOTI was initially dubious when I was introduced to 6 Vitamin Shots, thinking that they would be yet another sports energy drink, which are full of sugar, ineffective and my personal nemesis. Then I saw that the 6 Vitamin Shots have been developed to banish fatigue and welcome a new way of delivering that much needed energy boost.

So first things first. Essentially energy can only come from calories which is why most energy drinks are jam packed full of kcals and sugar. 6 Vitamin Shots only have 10 calories which in energy-drink terms is nothing and contain no sugar whatsoever. This is because vitamins and minerals contain no calories. The reason people feel tired and listless is often due to a poor diet or one that contains little iron and B vitamins both of which are essential for controlling mood, depression and nerves. Iron helps the blood go around the body, so if you’re low in iron you feel breathless, fed-up and as if everything is an effort. A lack of vitamin B can make you feel tired and weak along with making skin look pale and hair lack-lustre.


After vigorous exercise, I usually try to have a snack followed by a proper meal to replenish my energy levels. But, for the times when food isn’t immediately accessible – I wanted to give the 6 Vitamin Shots a whirl and see if I noticed a difference. The 6 shots contain all of your vital daily vitamins and caffeine, which is designed to kick in only an hour from the first shot you take.

I had my first 6 shot after a session at Barry’s Bootcamp. I’d done a morning class and had an hour to go before lunch. I found the 6 shot really effective at replenishing my B Vitamins and eliminating fatigue, (that is, once I got past the rather strong artficial taste – but it’s a small price to pay) which I would have felt had I not had anything until lunch. The effect wasn’t dramatic – but I felt alert and my energy didn’t feel vastly depleted.

Since then, I have a 6 shot after hot yoga, a strenuous exercise class, or at times when I am tiered and need an extra boost. I’m surprised to say it – but I recommend you give them a go too.

6 Vitamin Shots are available 6vitaminshot.co.uk for £2.50 per bottle.

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