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December 5, 2015

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About the ebook

I wanted to release my 12-week VS training programme (based on the article I did for The Mail on Sunday) so that other girls can have the opportunity to #trainlikeanangel too.

The training took my physical and mental strength to new heights. I gained muscle, lost fat and felt fitter and tougher than ever. Since muscle helps to regulate the body’s homeostasis,  metabolic  regulation and disease prevention, muscle has a major part to play in the prevention of  diseases, such as obesity and type 2 diabetes and can improve quality of life during the ageing process.

I also finished the programme with lower blood glucose levels which helps prevent getting type 2 diabetes, Dr Mackenzie at Westminster University told me. He explained, ‘Elevated blood glucose levels results in many of the known complications associated with diabetes; i.e. Strokes, hypertension, heart diseases and kidney failure. Exercise, can again help with this as we know that exercise increases muscle mass and that muscle is a major user of glucose. Thus having more muscle should ultimately mean you have a healthier metabolic profile.’

Before the programme although I’d always been tall and slim, I’d never been that strong. The programme was a big physical and mental challenge but each week I grew stronger, I gradually started to lift heavier and my fat percentage went down and my muscle percentage went up. And the stronger I got, the more I enjoyed it. Huge thank you to Dan Roberts for keeping my motivation up and keeping the sessions dynamic, varied and fun!

I want to give girls all over the world the opportunity to improve their health, strength and to have FUN doing it! It’s my hope that anyone who buys the guide will nourish themselves with a nutritious balanced diet to get optimum results. I talk about the diet I did for the VS regime in the ebook and give advice on which BCAA’s to use – but I also make it clear that health has to come first and everyone should always eat for optimum health – not just to look a certain way.

I can’t wait for you all to see the e-book! Not long to wait now!


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