Be Fit London

March 29, 2014

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Yesterday marked the fist day of Be Fit London – the three day health and fitness festival packed full of expert advice, fun and grueling fitness classes as well as a good healthy dose of green juices, coconut flapjacks, chickpea snacks, kale chips and the like. Think Whole foods with the exercise and health and fitness gurus on site too. Pretty much my heaven…


The first talk I attended was given by Dr Christy Fergusson on how to ‘get hot, healthy and happy’ which is also the title of her new book.

Dr Christy explained how to nourish your body and your mind to maintain optimum health and thereby stay ‘hot, healthy and happy.’ The main points she raised were to be careful not to; eat too much sugar – especially processed – too much caffeine, be cautious of eating wheat since it’s hard to digest, drink green juices, keep a food diary, don’t eat too many foods containing gluten or dairy (these food groups are also hard to digest) and be mindful of any other factors that can put stress on your body – ie stress and lack of sleep.

What I found most interesting about this talk was learning about the supplement, Tyrosine. I drink at least two strong coffee’s a day and whilst I drink lots of water, I still  have (always) had quite dry skin. Apparently, when people ween themselves off caffeine, this supplement – an amino acid which helps improve alertness -is very helpful at mimicking the effects of caffeine. I love coffee and believe it is also beneficial to the body, but I am going to reduce my intake to one a day and replace the other with Tyrosine and monitor what effect this has on both my energy levels and my skin.


Dr Christy Fergusson talking about getting ‘Hot, Healthy & Happy!’

I’ve also resolved to get a juicer and drink more green juices. As well as this, I’m giving up processed cereal and going back to natural (although annoyingly more expensive) varieties such as Primroses Kitchen muslei (see my previous post about this cereal).

Head down this weekend and see what healthy treats you find. Enjoy!


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