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FREE WORKSHEET: Fundamental LIFE Fulfilment Pillars

March 5, 2021

The following exercises are designed to help you gain clarity on where you are in your life right now and develop your vision and strategy for where you want to go. As you progress on your coaching journey with me you will be able to see your expansion and actualisation by referring back to these initial exercises and seeing how far you have come.


The Wheel of Life: 

The eight sections in the wheel of life represent the different aspects of your life. The centre of the wheel marks zero satisfaction and fulfilment in each aspect and the outside marks ten out of ten on the fulfilment scale. Rank your level of satisfaction on each aspect by drawing a line around the number that represents where you’re currently at. The new parameter represents the wheel of your life. How smooth and swift is your ride now? Where are you being held back and hitting bumps in the road?


List your ratings below:


Family & Friends:

Significant Other/Romance:

Fun & Recreation:



Personal Growth:

Physical Environment: 

Goal Setting:


For each aspect of your life create a goal that you want to achieve. Make them BIG goals almost as if they could be impossible! Let your heart lead. Have fun!

  1. In one year’s time
  2. In three year’s time
  3. In your lifetime


Guided Imagining: Life Purpose

*The following guided imagining will help you to access what it is you really want to devote your life to.*

You are of an advanced, mature age, and your family and many of your closest friends have come together to celebrate YOU. To congratulate you on achieving your dreams and your life purpose. It’s a beautiful, clear morning, and you’re seated in the sunshine on a wide porch overlooking an open lawn that slopes gently away toward a beautiful, calm, sparkling body of water. As you take in the beauty and senses of the morning and the natural surroundings, you’re also enjoying the warmth of the sun and the smells and flavour of your favourite morning drink. It’s a perfect day, and you’re looking forward to the celebration to come! One by one, your family and close friends begin to join you on the porch. As each beloved friend and family member greets you, they take a moment to express their gratitude to you for the difference you’ve made in their lives — and to share a special story or two of how the impact you’ve had on them has touched many, many lives. It’s clear that your life has created positive ripples that reach far and wide beyond your circle of friends and family. As more and more guests arrive, they greet you with cards and letters of thanks, and within a short time, there are stacks of cards and letters, including many from people you have never met — all offering their gratitude for the impact your life has had on them.

What are people thanking you for?  What impacts have you had? What are the common themes or threads you’re hearing? As the warm, pleasant sun climbs higher into the sky and you hear more and more stories of the impact you have had, you know it’s going to be a great celebration indeed!


Life Purpose


To help motivate you into action it’s imperative to think about the big picture. What’s it (your life) all for? What legacy do you want to leave? What do you want people to say about you at the end of your life? What do you want to contribute?

Author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari talks about having “Deathbed Mentality”. Live as if it could all end tomorrow. The time is now. Life is so precious. Don’t delay doing the work or the things that make your life meaningful and optimal. 


Life Purpose Statement:

I want to be xxx xxxx xxxx and known for xxx xxxx xxxx


Powerful Questions:


What do you truly want?

What else? What would make life a true miracle for you? What would be happening?

Who do you have to be in order for this to happen?

What do you have to do?

What are you tolerating in your life?

Where are you in a rut that you want to get out of?


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