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sky high in Oman

May 24, 2019

I love adventures.

I love all kinds of adventures but my very favourite are adventures in the great outdoors. I love discovering new places and landscapes and the thoughts, ideas, feelings and opportunities they inspire and ignite in me. I love the newness and feelings of freedom and deep gratitude they provoke. (Even without the adventure just being in nature always leaves me marvelling at the miracles of creation!) It’s a chance to deeply connect to the natural world, to myself and others around me, breathe deeply, challenge my body and explore its capabilities whilst allowing myself the time to appreciate the simple things like sunshine on my skin, the current of the ocean swirling around me, the crisp clean mountain air, the grandeur of century old cedar trees… You get the idea.

On the way back from Australia fresh from an epic adventure which included flying over The Great Barrier Reef (below pics – the sights took my breath away) before discovering its underwater secrets (highlight was seeing clown fish cleaning and taking cover in a sea anemone), I stopped off in the mountains of Oman to share a min-adventure with a friend.

Hamilton Island, Australia

So we arrived in Oman…

View from our room

This was a very different landscape to the one I’d experienced just before on Hamilton Island, Australia. The land was dry and barren but majestically grand and still. The air was cool but the sun was strong and made hiking hot work as it beat down on our backs (wearing a black t-shirt was a mistake)! Hiking in these mountains was serene and peaceful. On day two however, we decided to take things to the next level, strap a harness on and go and traverse over wire ropes with some thousand (or what seemed like) foot drops…

Our pulses were raised and our balance and strength tested as we scrambled over big boulders and gripped to the rocks to hold our positions and keep from plummeting off. It wasn’t super extreme (to me at least) but it didn’t need to be. It was dynamic and invigorating and required focus and concentration. Our body’s also felt it the next day! It was an experience to share and savour and one which fuelled our desire to do more climbing and have more adventures in the great outdoors!

Where shall we go next?!

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