Glacéau Smartwater Launch Event

September 4, 2014

To celebrate the launch of glacéau smartwater in the UK, mindfulness expert Belinda Freeman (founder of Mindfulmind) hosted a mindfulness session inspired by the water cycle, at the new private members club, Library. Belinda encouraged us to have an awareness of how our bodies and our minds feel in the present, taking time each day to center ourselves and understand what and why we may be feeling a certain way. By doing this, Belinda believes that it’s possible to develop a calmer, more factual response to situations rather than getting overwhelmed by emotions (which are chemical reactions, not facts she reminds us) thereby allowing us to handle tough, stressful situations better and lead a more fulfilled life.

glaceThere was also a practical part to the session. First we did some standing breathing exercises which helped to center and relax us. We then sat down with our eyes shut whilst Belinda placed some raisins in our hands. We had to touch, smell and listen to the raisins (sounds a bit mad but you’ll see the ‘raisin’ why it’s not) before placing it into our mouths without being allowed to chew it. By now, we all new we had a raisin in our mouths – the potent smell being the biggest giveaway. We noticed the wrinkled, shriveled soft texture of the raisins but couldn’t decipher any taste until we started to chew it. The flavour was the instantly released once our teeth ground the grainy inside texture and before we swallowed it (we had to hold it in our mouths at this point too) we noticed the amount of saliva we were producing (nice) and the anxiety it caused having to wait to swallow the damn thing.The exercise really drew my attention to the ‘journey’ of eating and the sensations most of us miss when we’re in haste and wolf down our grub. Mindfullness, is all about taking time to recognise feelings and thoughts and the impact they have on our minds and our bodies. When we finally tasted the Glacéau smartwater at the end, we did so with heightened senses, noticing it’s velvet softness, pure taste and refreshing impact – even taking the beauty of the bottle into account. 


The School of Life 8 ways to live smart with explanations overleaf

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 1.47.04 PM

Explanations on the 8 ways to Live Smart

The rest of the evening was spent sloooowly sipping zingy lemon cocktails and slowwwwly chewing canapes that looked like colourful works of art. I’m  now more conscious when I eat and I’m taking those precious moments to be aware of my mind and body. It’s interesting stuff.


About glacéau smartwater: Glacéau smartwater was originally developed in 1996 and has become a fast favourite of the ‘who’s who’ and the people in the know stateside – including US ambassador Jennifer Aniston. Only glacéau smartwater uses the method of vapour distillation with British spring water as part of its unique process. Taking cues from the water (or hydrologic) cycle, glacéau smartwater applies a similar blueprint of evaporation, condensation, and percipitation; mimicking nature’s formula thirst-quenching h2o.

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