STYLIST mag stay awake for 24hrs

November 21, 2013

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For any Londoners who’ve read the latest installment of Stylist magazine – are you surprised at what the team voted the best strategy of surviving 24-hours with no sleep to produce the latest edition? In short, they adopted five different strategies to stay awake and compared the results. The strategies were; hypnosis, diet, exercise, sleep in bursts and lastly – no method. If you had to guess, how would you score each one?

Each group were given a plan (bar the last who were told to freestyle) and the results are below. The most effective is scored (one) through to the least effective (four).

1. Exercise plan

2. Diet plan

3. Hypnosis and Sleep in bursts

4. Straight through

Here’s what the exercise plan was and the verdict from the team who followed it:

Hollie Pinnington from Matt Roberts Personal Training put together an exercise plan for some brave team members, which included 15-minute jogs, yoga exercises and ball games at 3am to boost endorphins and keep energy levels up. “I noticed the difference straight away after doing desk stretches for 10 minutes at 2pm,” says Gareth Watkins, Stylist’s production editor. “It wasn’t strenuous but I felt rejuvenated. Just taking my mind off work for a while meant I was forced to relax and I definitely felt more alert.” Elinor Block, online writer, says: “It certainly felt odd playing catch in the office at 3am, but it helped focus my brain and gave me a real boost of energy.”

The remaining team member in the exercise trail said the same – everyone found they were more alert after exercising, even in such challenging conditions. “A failsafe option” says Stylist AND me!

Staying healthy and alert is not rocket science. Follow a healthy diet and exercise – no excuses!


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