Hotpod Yoga, London

September 1, 2014

I first tried Hotpod Yoga the day after watching Noah and I couldn’t help but feel a butterfly effect symmetry between the two. There was. So. Much. Water. Or sweat I should say – everywhere – and I thought Bikram was bad. The humidity inside the hotpod is high and it’s eagerly amplified by humidifiers in all corners of the pod adding yet more moisture to the mix.

The name is derived from the inflatable pod within which the classes take place. Also unique to this type of yoga is the temperature, 37’C, in which a challenging Vinyassa flow sequence takes place.


I enter the hotpod by unzipping the ‘door’ before taking my place on a pre-positioned mat. I immediately feel a totally different vibe from any yoga classes I’ve done before. Then the up-beat urban music is switched on – a refreshing departure from the standard meditative music played during most yoga classes – and I’m eager to start. The music, ambiance, lighting – it all energises me, which is helpful because the Vinyassa sequence is intense. The heat works on my muscles aiding my flexibility  and my heart rate quickly increases along with my sweat (yummy). Some of the postures I find too advanced for my ability but I’m given alternatives which are doable. It’s a fun, fast and fierce (in a good way) class and a great stress busting, sweat oozing, cardio-pumping  workout.

My Verdict:

Nick Higgins, co-founder of Hotpod yoga describes the innovative practice as comprising of “thousands of years of yoga tradition pared down to some critical, logical and powerful elements; creating a highly accessible, high impact yoga for all ability levels”. I’d agree with this, however, I do think new yogis could struggle to keep up with the pace and some of the postures are certainly not accessible for beginners. But if you want to shake-up your yoga practise, sweat, learn something new in a fun, motivational environment and burn some serious calories too – HotPod yoga is likelbe your new thing.

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