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I’m Now a fully qualified PT thanks to Train Fitness!

January 19, 2017

It was four weeks of intensive studying and training. The volume of work was vast (worksheets, learning, exams, assessments, client case studies…) and I had no idea that being a PT involved such a comprehensive understanding of physiology, anatomy and nutrition. BUT I  somehow got through it and I actually loved the time geeking up on the human body! (Nerd alert!) But seriously, the more you learn about the body the more remarkable you realise it is and the more you want to continue to learn.

Before starting the Gym Instructor and Level 3 PT course Train Fitness provide you access to its online learning programme. It’s dense and a little intimidating at first but my advice to anyone embarking on the course is to definitely swot up before it starts. As I mentioned, the Level 3 PT course is intense and any pre-course swot hours pay off big time. Unfortunately, I missed out on this because of work commitments and so for me, it all came thick and fast and I had to cancel a lot of my social plans during the course to make sure I was up to speed.

Days at Train Fitness consist of theory and practical elements as you work your way through the modules. The standard of teaching is impressively high and I was so inspired by my teacher Katie’s level of expertise, which motivated us all to exceed the expectations of the exam requirements and set ourselves an even higher standard. You’ll learn different training methods and systems, how to structure PT sessions based on a client’s goals, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, energy systems and how to reach goals effectively and efficiently.

As for my fellow course pals – we were a mixed bunch! Some wanted to become PT’s, some wanted to set up their own gyms and some (like me, initially) mainly just wanted to advance their own knowledge of fitness and nutrition for their own benefit.

If you’re interested in fitness and nutrition I’d say DO THIS COURSE! There’s really no downside to being more knowledgeable and it’s incredibly motivating and inspiring. It’s enhanced the way I train and got me to focus on short, medium and long term goals – which you’ll learn is super important when it comes to continuing to improve your fitness and health! Train Fitness teach you to a very high standard to ensure you breeze through the exams – they are really nothing to worry about. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away here. Equally, if you’re looking for a PT/online trainer let me know as I’m now taking clients! 😉

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