Just keep kick-boxing

March 19, 2015

On Wednesday this week I awoke feeling a little less wonderful than desired. Usually, I’m full of energy and positive vibes but for a number of reasons hump day this week started a wee bit wobbly and I felt drained and if I’m being honest, hormonal!

BUT THEN boxing and kick-boxing with my awesome trainer Dan Roberts happened and it shot my mood, energy and positive vibes right back up there again. I cannot explain how much I love the feeling of getting my heart pumping by pummeling those punches, propelling my high kicks hard at the punch bag, ducking and dodging those right and left hooks, all whilst gasping for air and sweating like crazy! I feel empowered when I hit the bag hard and it makes a loud “BAM” “BAM” “BAM” soound!

Being a lean build, I’ve always born the brunt of those “weakling” jokes which is beyond frustrating, but when I’m boxing and kickboxing I channel that frustration and guess what? It makes me hit harder, faster, stronger and boy does it feel GRRRREAT! What’s more, when I box, my mind is completely clear from all the c*** and I’m focused, calm and incredibly peaceful.

If you haven’t tried it then please do and let me know how it makes you feel! I guarantee you’ll get a buzz of happy endorphins all whilst honing your bod at the same time! xx

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