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My 1000 Calorie Class Investigation for The Mail on Sunday

November 11, 2015

You may have read my latest article for The Mail on Sunday the other week about the classes that promise to cull 1000 calories. I was motivated to do the investigation since I know many people go to these classes believing they’ll burn 1000 calories and then wonder why, after doing the classes, they’re not losing weight or seeing the results they want.

The truth is – we’re all different and we’ll all burn different amounts of calories depending on our age, gender, size and fitness. I want people to be savvy when they do these classes and understand how their body will react to each class. I’d recommend getting a heart rate monitor to do this – as you’ll see in my article that I opted for the Fit Bit Charge HR monitor – recommended to be the most reliable by Paul Lamkin, editor-in-chief of technology website Wareable. This device allowed me to keep track of my heart rate and monitor the calories I burned for each class.

Have a read of the article and do let me know your thoughts! As ever the headline wasn’t my choice but it does prove a point – and that is fitness firms should point out that calorie expenditure varies from person to person and the 1000 calories they tell people they’ll burn is nine times out of ten not true! The exceptions could be big men who are very fit.

Special thanks to Lucas Hugh London or the brilliant blue leggings and all the gyms that took part.


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