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Paradise (Parrot Cay) Bound plus top tips to combat jet-lag

February 3, 2015

It wasn’t love at first sight for me and Parrot Cay. Nor was it the smoothest start once we’d arrived.

Leaving London all blue skies and sunny spells had been a breeze and our BA flight had been mostly smooth. I relished the chance to read, read read (being a Sunday I had all the papers plus mags like RED, Women’s Health, Health and Fitness and Psychologies to name a few!) – and 11 hours spent filling my mind with all things health, food, fitness, travel and inspirational women was a pure delight. No WIFI 36,000 ft in the sky is such a blessing and opportunity for uninterrupted time to oneself with a pretty unbeatable view of a spectacular saphire sea sparkling in golden sunshine below.

I made sure I paid a visit to Pret to pick up my inflight food and breakfast before boarding. I’ve learned my lesson the unpleasant and unpalatable way and now I never fail to take my own food on a flight because airline food is, to put it plane-ly, (wink, wink) pretty abysmal and no good if you want to combat jet-lag and keep your energy stable either.


Breakfast is protein packed to sustain my energy; chicken, hummus, quinoa, grains and edamame beans on the left and salmon, peas, mint and quinoa and grains on the right. Perfect.

For the flight, I got a sushi veggie pot, a protein salmon veggie pot, a large hummus and quinoa salad, an almond banana cashew “mylk”, two packs of mixed nuts and three coconut water’s. Add to that I had packed some root ginger in my bag to nibble on intermittently (yes I know I sound like a freak but it’s soooo good for getting the circulation going, aids digestion and helps fight fatigue!) โ€“ making me beyond prepared!


Photo via Pret A Manger Facebook page

I was also suitably smug when the air hostesses offered puny portions of parched, carbohydrate-dense, high-gi food. I shook my head politely and instead merrily tucked into my Pret goodness. The food, water and mylks I had really sustained my energy and the coconut water helped hydrate me as well as the four liters of water I drank throughout the journey! It seems like a lot I know and yes it does mean that you need to pee a lot too – but – this is actually a good thing as it keeps your circulation from switching to sluggish mode.

photo 1

Approaching paradise – plane shots.

photo 2

photo 3

The islands on approach (you stop first for an hour in Nassau before flying on to Parrot Cay) were all bathed in beautiful sunlight and looked the epitome of idyllic. However, once we got closer to Parrot Cay we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by blanket cloud and touched-down on a damp and dreary runway. From the airport it was a 30-minute drive to the boat that would take us another 30-minutes to the hotel. By this time it was dark. We boarded the boat and soon found ourselves clutching on to anything we could grab to stop ourselves from being flung from pillar to post. The driver was like an a adrenalin junkie, accelerating to top speed whilst waves crashed by the side of the boat dramatically illuminated by the sidelights as they sprayed meters upwards. Ahead it was pitch black. I found myself mutter “Who needs Alton Towers?” to no one in particular as my stomach lurched with each thumping crash.

But we made it โ€“ just โ€“ and were greeted with brolly’s and beckoned into the buggy’s which drove us 10-minutes in the rain to the hotel. We checked into our room which was a modest size and minimalistic in design, but it had unfortunately not been made up as requested for the three of us (I had my mother and sister in tow), which lead to a rather laborious wait for things to get shipshape. Finally, after about 14 hours traveling through the wind, rain and stormy seas our tiered heavy heads hit the pillow and we prayed for sunshine.


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