Peace in the city with Jody Shield

February 3, 2017

In her own words, Jody Shield is “an entrepreneur, author, inspirational speaker, meditation ambassador for Global brand Lululemon, and an intuitive therapist working with 1-on-1 and group clients all over the world.” Jody also works with Global brands, offering self-development workshops, talks and meditation. “I’m dedicated to helping you heal your modern woes and radically transform your life” she says sincerely wearing a snug beanie which spells ‘GRATEFUL’.

I’ve just done a 45 minute meditation with her at Shoreditch House. Jody has partnered with the Soho House Group and does regular events and meditations across the houses, as well as other locations (see her website for upcoming events). I arrive feeling stressed and short on sleep. I’ve never had an issue sleeping until recently and it’s starting to really peeve me off. Yet I can’t help but feel instantly soothed by Jody’s cool, calm voice and when the melodic meditation music starts and Jody invites us to “release everything” the compression I feel in my mind and body starts to ease, my breathing deepens and a smile creeps across my face.

What I love most about Jody (we speak for half an hour after) is her authenticity. She’s not OTT and flowery but soft, confident and intuitive. Her corporate background in the advertising grind no doubt gives her the ability to relate to stressed out city slickers and she knows what we’re all looking for too. Quite simply – peace.

Jody is speaking at Fare Healthy this Sunday so pop along if you can to see her and a whole host of wellbeing wizards show you how to feel fantastic. And keep your eyes peeled for Jody’s book coming out in April too. We’re living in a time where we could all use all the help we can get.

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