Privet Beauty and Grooming Salon Notting Hill

October 23, 2014

Privet; a bush with green leaves that is often used for hedges.

When you walk into this warm, rustic and totally charming new luxury beauty and grooming haven in the heart of my Notting Hill hood, you see that its name is the very essence of its ethos. 

Privet is a brand new, luxury, top-to-toe body “topiary” service run by a team of beauty professionals, or  “expert gardeners” as they like to comically refer to themselves as, who believe that “personal pruning” should be an enjoyable affair. Well, I’m 100 per cent up for that, I thought excitedly, and decided to pay Privet a visit to see just how enjoyable they could make a little pampering and “pruning”. 

photo 4

The inviting evergreen space is made up of three bespoke “sheds” (beauty rooms) and a “Toolshed” just for the men. I was made to feel instantly at ease and given a cup of peppermint tea to sip upon arrival, whilst I filled out a consultation form and admired the perfectly presented Manicured Garden.

Manicure Garden 2

The colourful floral artwork that casually hangs on the wall inside the garden lends an extra homely feel.

photo 5

Copy of Writer's Hut1

The place brims with character and careful attention to detail. Every aspect reflects Privets rustic outdoor charm and raison d’etre.

photo 1-1

My deep tissue massage took place inside the log cabin, which, like all the “sheds” makes you fall instantly in love with its rural nature. My lovely therapist was extremely dedicated to making sure everything was exactly as I wanted. “Is the pressure ok? Are you warm enough? Is the music (a lovely lively uplifting mix of tunes) at the right volume for you?” But she didn’t overdo it. After I’d said everything was just fine, she let me lie back in peace massaging the Privet blend of magnificently scented Murad oil/cream –  which claims to increase body firmness by up to 40 per cent in ten minutes (bargain, please let this work I thought to myself) – into my aching muscles. The pressure was firm, but not so firm that it hurt (this can be the case in a lot of deep tissue massages) or failed to be relaxing, because it was – incredibly relaxing – and oh my goodness, the bit where my therapist put hot towels on my feet – SUCH BLISS! The 60 minutes even included a face massage which left my skin glowing at the end.

I’ve really never been anywhere quite like Privet, especially in London. It’s an intimate haven for the body, mind, spirit and soul – which I particularly appreciate living in London’s sprawling urban environment.

Privet is located at 214 Kensington Park Road, W11 1NR

To make an appointment call: 020 7221 5674

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