Project Fit

November 11, 2014

When the news of Project Fit landed in my inbox I was ready for it. I love cardio classes. I love the way they make your heart pump, your muscles burn and your sweat pour leaving you gasping for air. They leave you feeling amazing, with a host of excited endorphins whizzing round your body leaving you as high as a kite.

This is one of the reasons I love Barry’s Bootcamp, but when you’re strapped for time a 60-minute cardio class is just not doable. Enter Project Fit. Like Barry’s, Project Fit alternates treadmill intervals and sprints with isolated floor-based resistance exercises. The difference is, as well as offering a 60-minute class (where you’re told to expect to burn up to 1,200 calories), Project Fit also offers a 35-minute version, (where you can apparently burn up to 700 calories) but believe me, it’s not one bit diluted. In fact, it’s even more intense because the time’s shorter. Awesome.

Project Fit 1

Personal Trainer Joel Hilton and co-founder Ben Staines, are the masterminds behind Project Fit, which has been designed specifically to ensure that participants are pushed to their limits, to ensure you burn maximum calories and fat.

Project Fit 4

You can choose to do the treadmill section on a Walker, Jogger or Runner system, depending on your fitness ability, however everyone in my class was sprinting at full speed.

Project Fit 3

The sessions take place in the new state-of-the-art Project Fit studio in Cornhill, complete with cool high octane lighting which alternates between red and blue colours, and apparently great music plays but I was so focused on what I was doing I didn’t notice the beats that were banging. Check out the images below, which I had to take after my session as a courtesy to the other people in the class, but they show some of the moves I did in the class and some of what you too can expect from a PF class.

2014-11-11 13.57.50

Sprints on the treadmill. Prepare for sharp inclines, fearsomely fast sprints, short recoveries and then do it all again but faster, harder, stronger!  Repeat, repeat, repeat!

2014-11-11 13.58.00

2014-11-11 15.29.51

Move onto the floor for some weight training, and squats.

2014-11-11 11.58.28

Followed by one-legged burpee’s on both sides (HARD) where you can expect to feel the burn in your butt! You can also expect to do sissors using the blocks, (where you hold the weights up and put each leg alternately on and off the block really fast), planks, push-ups, star jumps when you’re in the push-up position and so on and so tiering!

2014-11-11 12.00.24

You’re given a good stretch at the end which feels great after working so many muscle groups so hard.


This is a toughie but I’ll definitely be back. I think I’ll go to an evening class next with some friends to sample the live DJ (who’s present at all evening classes). Bottom line? Project Fit is a great HIIT and strengthening class and left me feeling pumped and all be it – pooped – now! You definitely need to shower after and this is a joy because the showers are powerful and stocked with beautiful Green & Spring products. You can even grab a protein shake from the bar after class or order a salad which the team brings in from Tossed down the road. Workout – tick, hydration – tick, fuel – tick, fresh and clean – tick!



Leggings: Lucas Hugh

Black T-shirt: Striders Edge

Trainers: Nike

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