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Re-wild yourself

September 19, 2014

If you like me, regularly feel an unabated urge to escape the concrete jungle, the congestion, the crowds and the chaos of the city (which, for me is London) then this is for you. And actually, even if you live and breathe the smokey city life 24/7, this will surely make you think twice too.

Wild Fitness

Tara Wood is a woman after my own heart, mind, spirit and soul. She captured and enraptured me when I watched her TED talk, where she explains the concept of her company, Wild Fitness and the miraculous physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformations it initiates for the people who experience her programmes.

Hayden on his experience  of Wild Fitness

Hayden on his experience of Wild Fitness

“I’ve spent my adult life focused on the pursuit of wild fitness” so she, bare-footed, begins her TED talk. This immediately strikes a chord with me, as I know that I’m happiest when I’m outdoors in a natural environment – preferably running, riding, swimming in the sea, skiing and hiking. I love the feeling of moving freely, gulping in fresh air, making my muscles burn, my breath quicken – it generates a feeling of utter utopia. Tara continues her story by explaining what made her found her company, Wild Fitness, which runs experiential courses based on re-wilding people. But what does this mean exactly? Tara gives the analogy of a wild wolf and asks her audience to imagine it hunting in its natural habitat. “All of its senses are going be alive”, she enthuses. “Its mind will have a razor-like focus, it will have a heightened alertness and perception to its environment” she explains. However, when you see the captive animals, these senses are dulled. Captive animals are cut off from their natural habitat, their natural food source, from their ability to express their natural behavior, and they suffer. They suffer mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. If you take us out of natural environment and isolate us from nature we also suffer.” And this suffering is exactly what Tara aims to counteract with Wild Fitness.

Tara takes people out of their oppressive indoor, motionless and dulled-sense states and gets them to be physically active outside –  to move, to eat fresh wild food and then just “completely chill out”. Within days, “an incredible awakening – blossoming – occurs physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually” she passionately exclaims. Tara’s seen, during this process, chronic skin disorders clear, psychological problems disappear, digestive disorders diminish, diabetics who no longer need to take insulin and people in their 60’s start to run for the first time in decades.

Tara runs Wild Fitness in Kenya, Andalucia, the Isle of Wight and has just announced two new locations: Zanzibar and Morocco. You can imagine my excitement when I was contacted to ask if I wanted to go to one of the new locations and  experience  Wild Fitness. I haven’t been this excited for a long time and I cannot wait to tell you all about it. Watch this space. Raaaaaooooow!

Watch Tara’s incredible TED talk here

The below images are from Wild Fitness, Morocco







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