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Session two of my hypnotherapy exploration

June 24, 2019

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese belief that the way your house is built or the way that you arrange objects affects your success, health, and happiness.

The morning after my first hypnotherapy session (click here to read) with Lydia I woke up and cleaned and de-cluttered my flat. Cleanliness-wise my flat is always in pretty good shape and I have some helping hands to keep it that way every week. However, when it comes to clutter and “stuff” I’d known for a while that this needed some attention and the morning after my first hypnotherapy session – totally unplanned – the time to get clear (literally and mentally) transpired. I just woke up and got to it.

I spent several hours sorting and organising and throwing away some of the stuff I didn’t need. I took two large bags of stuff to charity and also created a bag for stuff I wanted to keep but not in my flat. This stuff was mostly memories of my past which, even though they were stored away out of sight, I knew they were there and I didn’t want them to occupy space in my present anymore. I wanted to create space for the now and the new. Over the next few days I bought myself fresh flowers and some indoor trees which I’ve been wanting to buy for ages. I created the space and the vibes in my flat that made me feel contented and peaceful.

But why had this only happened now and not before?

Decluttering and creating space for the now to bloom

It’s interesting. For a while I’ve been thinking about a possible move abroad to sunnier climes and a location that allows me to pursue a more active lifestyle. Yet, when I went to see Lydia I realised some important things. Firstly, I had to prioritise what was most important to me in the present moment. This involved a letting go of the past and keeping a clear focus on the now and immediate future. This clarity and focus gave me the freedom to invest in the now and allow myself the opportunity to become aware of everything that was unfolding in front of me, rather than staying preoccupied with a situation and things that weren’t in my life at this moment.

Our environment affects our stress levels (*1 see below this post for reference) and the power of Feng shui is immense. Our environment has a direct affect on our physical wellbeing. I believe where there is physical clutter there is also mental clutter and my situation had been a testament to that. I’d resisted transforming my flat into a tranquil space because I didn’t want to put roots down. I was unsure. It’s a rented flat with furniture that is not my own nor my taste but what I realised recently is that small changes and tweaks could  lead to big shifts in my mental and physical wellbeing and I didn’t have to spend a fortune. I just needed to get out with the old and bring in some new life. The effect of these small changes have been huge.

The week in-between my first and second session with Lydia was illuminating and transformational. I felt my fire returning (I’m an Aries and I’m passionate and determined yet this fire had been dampened on and off whilst carrying around some past burdens) and it was clear that other people noticed my energy return too. I felt powerful and in control and clear-headed.

The Second Session

The difference in how I felt in session one and two was big. Session one I felt heavy and speaking about the past felt somewhat painful. Yet during session two, I felt so much lighter, happy, curious about the now and the future and excited. Again, Lydia and I spoke about what I wanted to change (after warmly welcoming me in with a fennel tea and even a berocca for my pesky tickly cough – nothing is too much trouble for Lydia) and at the end Lydia did a hypnosis which was blissful. Sounds of waves, rain and chimes provided the backdrop to the scenario which Lydia lead me through; a relaxing and powerful combination. Lydia skilfully left me feeling capable of ridding myself from any lingering anxiety that has popped up at times over the last few years too.

I have one more session with Lydia. Do I think that any lingering situational anxiety will be eradicated by the end? I’d like to think so. However, even if it isn’t this experience has been so valuable. It’s provided me with the clarity I needed to powerfully move forward in many aspects of my life and this alone is an extraordinary gift.

*These sessions were kindly gifted.


*1 McMains, S. & Kastner, S., ‘Interactions of top-down and bottom-up mechanisms in human visual cortex’, Journal of Neuroscience, Jan 2011 31 (2)

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