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Say Hello to My Favourite Vegetarian-Gluten-Free-Indian Chef

July 29, 2015
I’m not a vegetarian nor am I gluten free, so when I heard about Mira Manek and her meat-and-gluten-free-Indian food my first thought was – boring. In my mind, a meal is not really a meal without meat and I don’t like the restrictions which the gluten-free diet impose (although I know that some people don’t have the luxury of choosing). But I’d met Mira a few times at various health and fitness events and she’d surprised me with her creamy-delicious no-bake flapjacks made with chickpea flour, filled with spices like ginger and cinnamon (click here for recipe) – so much so that I was curious to know what other delights she had up her sleeve. A week ago I had the perfect opportunity to find out, when Mira kindly cooked supper for a hungry host of us journalists and bloggers.… Continue reading...