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Third and Final day at Thirty Eight Degrees North, Ibiza

November 11, 2015
I got to know the breakfast staff at Aguas de Ibiza very well. With so much exercise I developed a routine of having two breakfasts because I definitely needed the extra fuel. And it would have been rude not to right? But this wasn’t an excuse to go crazy at the buffet. I kept my meals balanced and nutritious. Round (I) (eaten in a flash so no time for a snap) was berries and cereal and round two was eggs/smoked salmon and veggies with a smooth almond milk cappuccino. After breakfast round (I) of berries and cereal (eaten in a flash so no time for a snap) it was off to yoga, which eased my muscles back into moving gently which I was particularly grateful for given how stiff I was from the previous days here!… Continue reading...

Vitamin Infusions: Are they worth the hype?

September 14, 2015
Although vitamin infusions are nothing new, my opinion of them is. I initially thought that the infusions were unnecessary and ineffective – a ploy to persuade people to fork out money for something they could just get from a healthy diet. But then I met the super charming Scotsman and one of London’s leading anti-ageing skincare specialists, Dr David Jack, (I went to see him at his Harley Street clinic for a consultation and ended up getting an infusion and a facial – more on the latter later) who explained the science behind the infusions, and why they work much better than a berocca (for example) for those who are feeling rundown or have conditions like diabetes and chronic fatigue.… Continue reading...