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The Surprise Destination (Part II of My Birthday Post)

March 30, 2015
After a morning of munching on many cupcakes, cakes, Quest cakes and croissants my main man whisked me away to Ashford Kent, just a thirty minute train journey from London St Pancreas followed by a five minute taxi to…. Eastwell Manor is suuuper old. It was first built in 1066 and has lived through two fires, but miraculously, it’s maintained all it’s traditional charm with no obvious signs of any modern updates. The floor boards creak and croak, the exterior stone is weathered and the interior design is delightfully refined and old school – but it’s presented beautifully and nothing is crumbling or cracking – it’s all finished to a high standard.… Continue reading...

London’s Most Exclusive Gyms

October 7, 2014
The first thing I want to say about this guide I did for Billionaire magazine is that I had SO much fun doing it! I felt like the luckiest lady, hot footing it around London trying only the creme de la creme of London’s gyms and personal trainers. What an experience! What’s clear is that London’s most exclusive gyms are about far more than just first-class fitness. The best of the best are a hybrid of high-performance lifestyle techniques, services and facilities that are only available to a discerning few. And each one is so different and excels in a unique way.… Continue reading...