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Buy The Billionaire Book (includes my work)!

March 26, 2015
I don’t always share my journalism work on here but for those of you who are interested, some of my articles have been published in Billionaire’s beautiful quarterly hardback book. The book features the most exclusive jaw-dropping travel destinations, cars, jets, art, philanthropy, health, fitness and travel in the world and its stunning combination of glossy and natural pages make it a refined, rare addition to any coffee table. Ok, ok I’ll stop plugging but I do really love it! If you’d like to buy an elite insight into the world of Billionaire’s, the book can be your’s for just 49 GBP.… Continue reading...

Privet Beauty and Grooming Salon Notting Hill

October 23, 2014
Privet; a bush with green leaves that is often used for hedges. When you walk into this warm, rustic and totally charming new luxury beauty and grooming haven in the heart of my Notting Hill hood, you see that its name is the very essence of its ethos.  Privet is a brand new, luxury, top-to-toe body “topiary” service run by a team of beauty professionals, or  “expert gardeners” as they like to comically refer to themselves as, who believe that “personal pruning” should be an enjoyable affair. Well, I’m 100 per cent up for that, I thought excitedly, and decided to pay Privet a visit to see just how enjoyable they could make a little pampering and “pruning”. … Continue reading...

Glacéau Smartwater Launch Event

September 4, 2014
To celebrate the launch of glacéau smartwater in the UK, mindfulness expert Belinda Freeman (founder of Mindfulmind) hosted a mindfulness session inspired by the water cycle, at the new private members club, Library. Belinda encouraged us to have an awareness of how our bodies and our minds feel in the present, taking time each day to center ourselves and understand what and why we may be feeling a certain way. By doing this, Belinda believes that it’s possible to develop a calmer, more factual response to situations rather than getting overwhelmed by emotions (which are chemical reactions, not facts she reminds us) thereby allowing us to handle tough, stressful situations better and lead a more fulfilled life.… Continue reading...