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6 Vitamin Shots

April 7, 2014
I’m an active girl and although I believe the best way to replenish energy comes from staying hydrated and eating a well balanced diet, I  have to admit that occasionally,  I need an additional quick and easy pick me up (Friday afternoon being a prime example). I was initially dubious when I was introduced to 6 Vitamin Shots, thinking that they would be yet another sports energy drink, which are full of sugar, ineffective and my personal nemesis. Then I saw that the 6 Vitamin Shots have been developed to banish fatigue and welcome a new way of delivering that much needed energy boost.… Continue reading...

Be Fit London

March 29, 2014
Yesterday marked the fist day of Be Fit London – the three day health and fitness festival packed full of expert advice, fun and grueling fitness classes as well as a good healthy dose of green juices, coconut flapjacks, chickpea snacks, kale chips and the like. Think Whole foods with the exercise and health and fitness gurus on site too. Pretty much my heaven… The first talk I attended was given by Dr Christy Fergusson on how to ‘get hot, healthy and happy’ which is also the title of her new book. Dr Christy explained how to nourish your body and your mind to maintain optimum health and thereby stay ‘hot, healthy and happy.’… Continue reading...

Want Romance? Book a trip to Santorini

January 20, 2014
With Valentines day looming, my thoughts have returned to Santorini. The Greek island is famed for it’s otherworldly sunsets, cliff-top views and intimate, relatively child-free atmosphere – making it a Cupid for couples. I went last summer with my boyfriend and had a blissful time. We stayed a few nights at Sun Rocks Hotel and a few nights at the Chromata hotel – both of which are Mr & Mrs Smith recommended and members of Small Luxury Hotels of the world. They now also come highly commended by Miss Cross and Mr Allen! Scroll down for some pictures of our trip.… Continue reading...

STYLIST mag stay awake for 24hrs

November 21, 2013
For any Londoners who’ve read the latest installment of Stylist magazine – are you surprised at what the team voted the best strategy of surviving 24-hours with no sleep to produce the latest edition? In short, they adopted five different strategies to stay awake and compared the results. The strategies were; hypnosis, diet, exercise, sleep in bursts and lastly – no method. If you had to guess, how would you score each one? Each group were given a plan (bar the last who were told to freestyle) and the results are below. The most effective is scored (one) through to the least effective (four).… Continue reading...

Dancing at Pineapple Studios

October 22, 2013
I’m always on the lookout for fun active sociable things to do in London.  Pineapple Studios is world famous for its prestigious dance standards so I thought what could be better than learning how to move it and shake it with the pros? I booked myself, my boyfriend, sister and her other half into a private lesson with the lovely lanky Alex. As complete beginners we all needed the one-to-one attention. She guided us through the cha cha, jive and waltz explaining some of basic tips about posture, steps (take small ones) etc. The hour whizzed by like the waltz and we all had such a giggle.… Continue reading...

Pretty perfect muesli

October 15, 2013
  Cereals. They haven’t got the cleanest rep. Often they’re full of healthy promises but in reality, they contain a huge amount of sugar, salt and additives. Take  Dorset Cereals’ Berries and Cherries – if you think it’s a healthy option, you are SO wrong. It contains (amongst other things) 51 per cent dried AND sweetened fruit; raisins, sultanas, flame raisins, sweetened dried cranberries (sugar, cranberries, sunflower oil), sweetened dried blueberries (blueberries, sugar), freeze dried cherries, freeze dried blackcurrants, freeze dried raspberries, blackcurrant flavour barley flakes (barley, sugar, natural flavouring, sunflower oil), blackcurrant flavour barley flakes (barley, sugar, natural flavouring, fruit and vegetable concentrate (blackcurrant, black carrot, sunflower oil)).… Continue reading...