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Overnight almond coconut oats with bee pollen and fig

March 27, 2015
I love this breakfast served hot or cold. If time is of the essence in the morning then you can just whip it out of the fridge cold and it still tastes delicious! On colder days, I love heating the oats as this provides a warming, comforting start to my day. Ingredients to serve one: Porridge Oats Granola Flaked Coconut Bee pollen 1 Fig Almond milk (homemade or otherwise I LOVE Rude Health’s Almond Milk). Method 1. Soak one portion of oats in almond milk over night. 2. Either heat the oats the next day in a saucepan or leave them cold.… Continue reading...

Parrot Cay Continued – Part II: The Breakfast’s

February 19, 2015
Warning: Do not read this blog post if you’re hungry. Do read this blog post if you’d like some serious healthy, hearty fit/yummy-food-inspo that will make you HAPPY! So, after a long journey, stormy arrival and stilted start we finally fell asleep in our beds. Sadly though, are prayers hadn’t been answered and we awoke to grumpy grey skies and heavy downpours. Not such blessed beginnings but sunshine surely beckoned, we reassured ourselves, as we squelched our way over to breakfast. Once we arrived at the buffet, however, everything suddenly seemed much brighter. Fresh juices are made every day. There’s always a green juice, beetroot juice, and smoothie of the day as well as deliciously thirst quenching water infused with lemon, lime and mint.… Continue reading...