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Get one of your five a day with yes! snack bars

November 27, 2018
*Disclaimer: This post was kindly sponsored by Nestlé YES! The snack bar market has come a long, long way since my childhood days when the Tracker bar ruled the roost. Its ingredients? Sugar, palm fat, sweetened condensed skimmed milk, glucose syrup, palm kernel fat, emulsifiers – you get the pretty unappealing picture. Back then little attention was paid to the ingredients of such bars and pre-made meals et- cetera. Taste was what mattered most and consumers weren’t so nutrition-savvy as to question what ingredients they were ingesting. Thankfully, nutritional awareness has been and continues to grow which can be seen in the expanded range of healthier snack bars, supplements and healthier food alternatives that  are now on the market.… Continue reading...

Almighty Almonds: Their proven health benefits and tasty ways to increase your intake

September 1, 2014
Eating almonds can help heart health and increase weight loss, studies show. Based on recent studies, The Huffington Post has reported that eating a handful of almonds per day could bring many health benefits. To summarise, consumers experienced an increased nutritional intake, a curb in appetite and moderate blood glucose concentrations, improved vitamin E and monounsaturated fat intake and reduced overall abdominal mass. The nutrient profile of almonds – low on the glycemic index and providing a powerful nutrient package including hunger-fighting protein (6 g/oz), filling dietary fiber (4 g/oz), “good” monounsaturated fats (13 g/oz) (8), and important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E (7.4 mg/oz), magnesium (200 mg/oz) and potassium (77 mg/oz), makes them a satisfying, heart-smart (6) snack choice that can help support a healthy weight.… Continue reading...