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Skin Emergency? Time for some Vitamin C

April 24, 2017
The change of seasons can wreak havoc with your skin. For me, whenever the weather changes my skin becomes dry, dull and devoid of life. So what to do? When it comes to facials – or any skincare lotions and potions, routines and regimes – I’ve always been skeptical. How far do the products really penetrate? And can they really make a difference when your skin is constantly shedding and renewing? Furthermore, in the past I’ve always felt disappointed with the results from the supposedly “miracle/life changing/totally transformative” (etc) facials that also promise to last months… I think the best results my face has ever manifested is a more radiant and hydrated complexion for up to 5 – 7 days after.  … Continue reading...
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The Smart Guide to Travel Sustenance

January 20, 2016
We’ve all experienced the perils of plane food. That dreaded moment when the trays of dehydrated bland blobs accompanied by unidentifiable desserts (so bright that they’d certainly be deemed deadly to any species in the jungle) land in our laps masked in tinfoil to momentarily disguise the misery that lies beneath. (Click here if you need a recap.) It’s a debilitating experience, peeling back that silver paper – but worse still is the aftermath of the stodgy, sugary assault on the senses. Your sugar levels suddenly sore only to plummet lower than before soon after leaving you feeling sluggish as your digestion goes into overdrive. … Continue reading...

Be your best with Beetroot

March 16, 2015
I’m always extremely wary when it comes to “superfoods” that claim to cure all ailments and leave you sparkling with health and improved endurance, and you should be too, since the science supporting them is vague at best. We all know that a healthy diet is made up of a variety of nutrients and vitamins and good diets are ones that are diverse in these, as well as being largely plant based. However, when scientific research proves that a specific nutrient/food group should be consumed more frequently than others or is good for targeting a specific need, we should listen up and take note of the factual findings.… Continue reading...