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My Victoria’s Secret challenge – Hard but not Hell

June 21, 2015
So you may have read my article in The Mail on Sunday re getting in Victoria’s Secret Shape. Sadly, The Mail claimed I battled ‘months of hell’ and ‘hated every second’  which isn’t true. Yes, the programme was incredibly intense. Yes I felt exhausted. Yes I got run-down. But I can manage to workout far more intensely than I did at the start. My endurance has also improved and I feel proud of my new mental and physical strength – not to mention my cholesterol and body fat are both lower and my muscle mass has increased. Since muscle helps to regulate the body’s homeostasis,  metabolic  regulation and disease prevention, muscle has a major part to play in the prevention of  diseases, such as obesity and type 2 diabetes and can improve quality of life during the ageing process.… Continue reading...