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Nutrition on The Run

November 25, 2015
We all know that exercising on a full stomach is not a good idea. Too much solid food consumption will divert blood from working muscles to the digestive process. This, along with the amount of digestive enzymes, fluids and time required to break down the food can cause bloating, nausea, stitches and/or lethargy. Additionally, some of the calories ingested from solid foods are used to simply break down and digest them; meaning these calories are wasted. So what to do when you want to squeeze in a workout first thing or later in the day in-between lunch and dinner and you need some fuel to get you going?… Continue reading...

Almighty Almonds: Their proven health benefits and tasty ways to increase your intake

September 1, 2014
Eating almonds can help heart health and increase weight loss, studies show. Based on recent studies, The Huffington Post has reported that eating a handful of almonds per day could bring many health benefits. To summarise, consumers experienced an increased nutritional intake, a curb in appetite and moderate blood glucose concentrations, improved vitamin E and monounsaturated fat intake and reduced overall abdominal mass. The nutrient profile of almonds – low on the glycemic index and providing a powerful nutrient package including hunger-fighting protein (6 g/oz), filling dietary fiber (4 g/oz), “good” monounsaturated fats (13 g/oz) (8), and important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E (7.4 mg/oz), magnesium (200 mg/oz) and potassium (77 mg/oz), makes them a satisfying, heart-smart (6) snack choice that can help support a healthy weight.… Continue reading...