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Re-wild yourself

September 19, 2014
If you like me, regularly feel an unabated urge to escape the concrete jungle, the congestion, the crowds and the chaos of the city (which, for me is London) then this is for you. And actually, even if you live and breathe the smokey city life 24/7, this will surely make you think twice too. Wild Fitness Tara Wood is a woman after my own heart, mind, spirit and soul. She captured and enraptured me when I watched her TED talk, where she explains the concept of her company, Wild Fitness and the miraculous physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformations it initiates for the people who experience her programmes.… Continue reading...

Happiness By Design: Finding Pleasure and Purpose in Everday

September 9, 2014
Not even halfway through reading a review of Paul Dolan’s new book and it was number one on my hit-list, courtesy of The Sunday Times Culture magazine.  Whilst curled up with a cuppa I grew more and more engaged in the review (maybe partly because of the caffeine) but mostly because it was applauding Dolan’s logical, scientific and straightforward concept of happiness. “He wants us to see clearly what actually makes us happy”, wrote reviewer Jenni Russell. For “everything we choose to do… is ultimately about maximising our individual happiness.” Ok so nothing new there. But, his novel definition is that happiness is the experience of both pleasure and purpose over time.… Continue reading...