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Skin Emergency? Time for some Vitamin C

April 24, 2017
The change of seasons can wreak havoc with your skin. For me, whenever the weather changes my skin becomes dry, dull and devoid of life. So what to do? When it comes to facials – or any skincare lotions and potions, routines and regimes – I’ve always been skeptical. How far do the products really penetrate? And can they really make a difference when your skin is constantly shedding and renewing? Furthermore, in the past I’ve always felt disappointed with the results from the supposedly “miracle/life changing/totally transformative” (etc) facials that also promise to last months… I think the best results my face has ever manifested is a more radiant and hydrated complexion for up to 5 – 7 days after.  … Continue reading...

Paola’s BodyBarre

August 28, 2014
Pre PBB I’ll admit I wasn’t feeling super psyched about trialling Paola’s bodybarre class. A few months prior I’d attended my first barre class in West London and found it laborious, sterile and so strict it felt like school. So when I reluctantly walked through Paola’s studio doors in Fulham,  I was surprised to find the atmosphere completely different. I was instantly enthused and captivated by the inviting and homely boutique-style feel. Then I spotted some freshly baked protein balls, healthy snacks and assortment of shakes in a help-yourself-set-up at no extra cost and suddenly I’m glad I’ve come. Inside, it’s open-plan with the reception leading straight into the theatrical looking studio with the class initials – PBB – illuminated by big light bulbs on the wall.… Continue reading...

The Debbie Thomas Facial

August 26, 2014
Debbie Thomas is my new addiction and everyone has noticed. My skin is glowing, I’m stupidly happy and the effects of her hands have had long-lasting effects – longer than anyone’s I’ve ever experienced. I’m talking about her facials. They are a rather fantastic face phenomenon. But they come at a price and now I’m pretty panicky because I know I’m hooked. I also know that if you want to see Debbie you need to be super organised and book at least two months in advance, which seems frighteningly forward-thinking to me. If you do manage to nab an appointment you’ll find Debbie’s little room of lasers on the top floor of Haris salon on Brompton Road.… Continue reading...