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FREE WORKSHEET: Fundamental LIFE Fulfilment Pillars

March 5, 2021
“WE ARE ALL ON A JOURNEY TO FIND OUR WAY BACK HOME.” CARL YOUNG.  The following exercises are designed to help you gain clarity on where you are in your life right now and develop your vision and strategy for where you want to go. As you progress on your coaching journey with me you will be able to see your expansion and actualisation by referring back to these initial exercises and seeing how far you have come.   The Wheel of Life:  The eight sections in the wheel of life represent the different aspects of your life. The centre of the wheel marks zero satisfaction and fulfilment in each aspect and the outside marks ten out of ten on the fulfilment scale.… Continue reading...
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Dream baby Dream: a law of attraction exercise to inspire pure escapism and joy

January 5, 2021
As human beings it’s our default setting to imagine the worst. Historically, being vigilant of danger is what kept us safer from being eaten by lions and out of harms way. Yet in today’s world we are of course (unless we happen to find ourselves roaming the African savannas!) not in danger of getting eaten by lions, but, our brain’s can still be triggered by unfavourable events to make us feel the same lion-threat is there. This renders many people into hyper states of anxiety and panic. The good news however is that we can learn to consciously choose a more appropriate response for the different (no lion is coming after me) threat.… Continue reading...
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Lonely at the top? You may need to get back to basics

November 5, 2020
Simply put, I coach my clients on the parts of their personal and professional lives in which they want to experience –not just improvements – but real fulfilment and optimisation. This can be anything from career, personal growth & self-actualisation, relationships, money and health (physical and mental fitness). Many of my clients embark on their uniquely tailored one-to-one coaching programme with me focused on excelling in their career and personal growth. Some are CEO’s of large corporations and want to improve and develop their communication and leadership skills, some are entrepreneurs and want to gain awareness and key insights on how they can improve their impact, efficiency and productivity.… Continue reading...