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Udo’s Choice

May 11, 2013
This vital source of Omega 3&6 essential fatty acids (EFA’s) is a perfected blend of flax, sesame and sunflower seed oils , as well as oils from evening primrose, rice germ, oat germ and coconut. Udo devoted many years to creating this formulation , a 2:1:1 ratio of Omega 3.6.9, the ideal balance for today’s low fat and Omega 3 deficient diets. Nutritionally superior, fish-free and gluten-free. Organic and vegetarian.   I drizzle Udo’s oil over my salads and also add it to my green juices and smoothies. Remember, it is important that Udo’s Oil is not heated as this destroys the delicate structure of the EFAs, so if you are cooking, make sure you add the oil after and not before/during.… Continue reading...