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Cold Weather Running Kit Essentials

November 20, 2018
Bbbrrrrr! Baby it’s COLD outside! After the glorious sunny autumn weather we’ve been treated to recently these frosty temperatures are tough to take! Today, I so nearly didn’t go on my run. It was 4 degrees outside, raining and I’d only slept 5 hours due to hormone-induced insomnia. I felt tired and I couldn’t warm up even with the heating on. But I had my week’s running schedule already set and I was sticking to it. So I put my (one too many) layers and waterproofs on not forgetting my gloves and off I went. About 5 minutes in my cheeks were rosy and my energy was returning.… Continue reading...

A stress-free afternoon with a cuppa Starbucks Teavana

October 20, 2016
According to most Brits there’s nothing that a good old cuppa can’t conquer. And we may do well to keep this in mind as survey after survey shows us city slickers are more stressed and depressed then ever. We have vast unbinding workloads and deal with daily over-doses of social media and online engagement. The result? We’re constantly connected and rarely in the natural life-enhancing clean air of the countryside alone with just our thoughts. So what to do? We need to switch off FAR more. We need to make time in our week for wholesome device-free down-time. Now that Autumn’s here the evenings are drawing in and daylight hours are becoming even more important to savour (a vitamin D supplement is also essential as most Brits become deficient in the winter months).… Continue reading...

My Winter Skincare Essentials

December 19, 2014
It may be the most wonderful time of the year if you’re in a festive frame of mind, but for your skin however, it can be the most hazardous. Cold winds, bitter blizzards and central heating are not a skins best friend. In fact, for me, winter summons a determined dedication to my skincare regime to ensure it stays hydrated and bright for the season’s festivities. My skin tends to be dry throughout the year so in cold conditions I use a richer mosituriser, and right now I couldn’t be happier with the results from the products I’m currently using. For links to product pages please click on the titles.… Continue reading...