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Take a Hike: Cape Town Mountain Series

March 15, 2017

Cape Town is surrounded by mountains which makes for dreamy (not so) city slicker living. The two most popular hiking trails are Table Mountain and Lion’s Head. Both offer easy and more taxing routes but whichever one you pick – I’m telling you – the views are out of this world!

Table mountain will take you longer. I did the toughest most taxing route in just under an hour with some very fit friends. You basically climb massive boulders non-stop. SUCH an epic workout and it sure beats Barry’s Bootcamp or any indoor city workout any day. As for Lion’s Head – there are two routes to choose from when you get further up. Either end the hike by climbing  ladders and large rocks or skirt around the side to take the slope to the top. Both these routes take apporx one hour.

Looking back at these images is giving me MASSIVE pangs to go back. I love London, but it ain’t go these beautiful mountain hikes! Make sure you don’t hike alone and I suggest early morning or sunset for the biggest wow factor.

Table Mountain Memories




IMG_1264Lion’s HeadPoppy Cape Town_-37

Poppy Cape Town_-36

Poppy Cape Town_-28





Poppy Cape Town_-52

Poppy Cape Town_-25

Poppy Cape Town_-46

Poppy Cape Town_-3

Poppy Cape Town_-9

Poppy Cape Town_-15

Poppy Cape Town_-38

IMG_1962 (1)




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