September 3, 2014

Tea glorious tea. Where would the world and I be without it? True, I am a morning and post lunch habitual coffee drinker (in moderation coffee is beneficial to your health and contains a high quantity of antioxidants) but I drink herbal tea throughout the day for the revitalising effect it has.

Tea has a multitude of medicinal properties and can help with everything from easing a cold and indigestion to fighting infection and nausea. Below are a few of my favourite blends along with their associated health benefits. Bon appe-teat-o!


Ginger: Ginger is an excellent remedy in the early stages of an infection because, as a warming spice, it can promote a fever and hasten healing. Ginger’s warming effects are also said to relieve rheumatic aches and pains by widening the blood vessels and stimulating circulation. In addition, ginger aids digestion and help treat stomach upsets.

Matcha: Matcha is essentially a very concentrated form of green tea. The way it’s grown and consumed means that it’s packed full of essential vitamins and minerals. All green tea but matcha even more so contains a very special naturally occurring amino acid called L-Theanine . Along with caffeine, a well known stimulant also found in green tea the combination appears to increase alertness and improve concentration. Like all green tea, Matcha contains flavonoids which in studies have been shown to have an antioxidant effect. It is thought that regular consumption of foods and drinks containing flavonoids might help to protect our bodies from harmful free radicals.

Peppermint: A traditional remedy used for nausea and vomiting. By stimulating bile production in the gall bladder, peppermint breaks down fat in the digestion system, thereby relieving nausea.

Fennel: A Mediterranean herb that has anti-spasmodic properties. It works on relaxing the intestinal muscles and is particularly good for constipation, colic and flatulence. Fennel is also a good detox because it is a diuretic – meaning it creates the urge to urinate. This helps to clean the kidneys and so rid the body of impurities, which then promotes a clearer skin.


Kate Moss


RiRi loves her tea


Even Lady G is a tea fan

Even Lady G is a tea fan

Just some of the tea blends in my cuboard

Just some of the tea blends in my cupboard…


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