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Temporarily Closed for health maintenance

January 24, 2018

We’ve all seen that Instagram caption that spread like wildfire over the festive period. “Temporarily closed for spiritual maintenance”. It’s a goodie. To those who took its message on board and stepped away from social media to enjoy precious moments with family and loved ones, I salute you. I’m sure both you and they benefited from the lack of phone interference. Given how beneficial this little caption was, I want to introduce an equally important one…

No one wants to be ill. But fit people especially loathe the lethargy and inevitable lull in training that comes with contracting any illness. I’m a prime example. I’ve come back from Cape Town with sinusitis. Sure, it’s not the dreaded Ozzy flu but it’s still knocked me for six and it’s hanging around like a very unwelcome guest.  Just as I announce I’m training like a fiend for the marathon in April  and climbing Kilimanjaro in October – some sneaky strain of destruction has crept its way into my sinuses and it ain’t in a hurry to leave. Try as I did to ignore it and “carry on” no amount of caffeine or stiff upper lip cured it. It’s time now to not carry on and rest the hell up!

When you have a specific fitness goal you’re training to achieve, any detour from your regime can seem like a defeat. I know that the last few days I’ve felt like a phoney – resting up when I’m “supposed to be” training for smashing out 26 miles in April. But this is when I have to give myself a reality check and if you’re experiencing the same kind of feelings from your sick (or maybe even injury) bed – you should too.


We all get sick. We all have to stop and rest. And the sooner we accept this and let ourselves recover, the sooner we can come back stronger and smash some PB’s! I’ve been enjoying this quieter, slower time with no training. I’ve been nourishing my body with home cooked organic food full of herbs and spices, colourful fruit and veg, bone broths, fresh fish, fermented foods and drinks and supplementing it with vitamins and minerals. Instead of running I’m walking around the Royal Parks (please click here to help me raise money for them for my marathon) and I’m enjoying the level of mindfulness which comes with this slower pace. I’m allowing my body to regenerate and when I come back – you guys are gonna know about it! 😉

So if you’re feeling fatigued – rest. If you’re feeling unwell, rest up well. Then come back and smash it! But until then, tell em you’re “temporarily resting for health maintenance”.

Images by Anna Rach Photography

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