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TePe: Not just a superfoodie’s Saviour

October 18, 2017

If you’re anything like me then seeds, (chia, sunflower, strawberry, blueberry, kiwi and the like) will be a regular part of your diet. So too will broccoli and kale. And that’s great. Well, it’s great for your health at least. But what do all these foods have in common, which is perhaps not so great? That’s right. They are among the biggest smile offenders and most likely to get stuck in between your pearly whites and totally destroy a social event!

I mean, how many times have you been out at a nice social occasion where you feel like you’re the life and soul of the show, commanding everyone’s attention, only for  someone to then tell you (or heaven forbid – fail to – and you, mortified, find the evidence later) that you have a lil something stuck between the gnashes? AWKWARD! But it happens a lot and even to the best of us. We know the risk is there but transporting a toothbrush around isn’t the most practical solution and you can’t always count on a cocktail stick to do the trick either.


20170831_125538If you’re already a flosser than kudos to you. But TePe, the Swedish manufacturer of dental hygiene products takes it to the next level with its variety of EasyPick brushes. As well as keeping  your teeth white, the EasyPick’s also help to keep your mouth healthy. So as well as bidding a firm farewell  to social awkwardness, you can also say hello to a healthier set of gnashes too. They’re small and fit snugly in a travel case so you can slip them in any bag or pocket. I think the reason I’ve jumped on board so enthusiastically with these is because I have fixed wire retainers behind my teeth and I find that these EasyPick brushes go the extra mile with cleaning.



I don’t just use the EasyPick’s when I can’t actually brush my teeth either. Since  tooth brushing only cleans 60 per cent of the mouth, using the EasyPick’s is part of my everyday routine in the evening following on from brushing and I’m always pretty amazed by how much brushing actually misses. The EasyPicks also help protect teeth against gum disease and decay. Hence why that dreaded visit to the dentist always comes with the question, “Do you floss?” Well now you can knock that dentist for six when you tell them you use the EasyPick’s! I always used to think that the scorn from the dentist when you said all you did was brush your teeth was a little OTT but now, being a frequent EasyPick user –  I get it.



So there you have it. They may not seem like the most sexy things to discuss but I can’t tell you how handy they are and how beneficial they are to your overall teeth and gum health too. Not to forget either that they allow  your social life to remain unscathed by superfoods and seeds! It takes a couple of minutes to give your teeth the once over with these magic sticks, which is well worth it since tooth brushing only cleans 60 per cent of the mouth. (When I found out that statistic the EasyPick’s instantly became part of my daily evening routine.)

Why not see for yourself what a difference they can make?

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