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The Balance of Fitspo – Follow-up to my Mail on Sunday article

August 16, 2015

I write about health and wellbeing because, and as I said in my article, “Encouraging others to live a balanced, active lifestyle is a good thing. If you do too little exercise you run a greater risk of suffering from heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and poor posture, and are more likely to be overweight.”

However, being in the fitness blogging industry, I see some dangerous trends which affect girls on a serious level. I see girls who are breaking down from exhaustion and malnutrition, those whose periods have stopped and those who struggle to get through the day. The NHS has a long waiting list and too much of the time these girls feel they have nowhere to go.

Obviously this is the extreme end of the spectrum and it does by no means speak for everyone. Of course it doesn’t. I know countless fit and healthy girls who are fantastic advocates of what a healthy life should look and feel like.

However, it’s not obvious to me that there is such a thing as a “perfect” lifestyle. Surely it’s a question of balance, and what suits one person may not suit another. Nonetheless, we shouldn’t ignore the instances where some fairly obvious alarm bells are ringing.

As I said in my article, Celia is brave and honest in sharing her struggles. And she is not alone. She spoke up in an attempt to help other girls who are suffering and I’ve already received emails from these girls, saying thank you for sharing and it’s encouraged them to get help.

So now I want to hear from you. Have you come across any fitspo’s who take it to an unhealthy extreme? Who do you know who gets the balance right? Who should we take a lead from? How can we get the perfect balance of fitness without sacrificing health? What’s too much and what’s not enough?

I’d love to hear all your thoughts.

For the full article I did for the Mail on Sunday click here.

Image by Gary Morrisroe

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