The Debbie Thomas Facial

August 26, 2014

Debbie Thomas is my new addiction and everyone has noticed. My skin is glowing, I’m stupidly happy and the effects of her hands have had long-lasting effects – longer than anyone’s I’ve ever experienced.

I’m talking about her facials. They are a rather fantastic face phenomenon. But they come at a price and now I’m pretty panicky because I know I’m hooked. I also know that if you want to see Debbie you need to be super organised and book at least two months in advance, which seems frighteningly forward-thinking to me.

If you do manage to nab an appointment you’ll find Debbie’s little room of lasers on the top floor of Haris salon on Brompton Road. It’s a rather intimidating arrival when you see the laser warning sign on the door and inside there are lots of fancy machines which look like they mean business. I tell Debbie my skin concerns, mainly dry skin and fine lines, and ask her to give my face the best she’s got. “A deep cleansing, strengthening and collagen stimulating laser is what you need for an optimum boost” Debbie concurs before she expertly gets to work. She cleanses my skin and then applies SkinCeuticals SM Gel Peel which contains salicylic acid (also known as beta-hydroxy acid). The peel is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which is perfect for blitzing the blemish on my chin. The Hydrafacials unique hydra-dermabrasion mode then followed. This is a small electrical rod which is deeply cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating and gives a rough sensation like you’re being licked by a cat. The cleansing serum is pushed into the skin and worked down into the pores to loosen dirt and grime. Then everything is sucked out.

Debbie during treatment in colour

Next it’s a thorough skin inspection and the blemish on my chin is given a good squeeze. Valmonts Renewing Pack (a rebalancing mask) is then applied and over the top goes the ultra soothing red light therapy, a painless light treatment developed by NASA to stimulate the skin and heal any wounds. I want results and NASA sounds like it will give the best I can imagine. Now the laser comes in. Be warned. It’s painful and sometimes a little too severe to stomach. However, if it gets too much the setting of the laser can be adjusted. Debbie used the general rejuvenation/skin boosting setting which feels like little electric shocks stimulating the skin from deep within. “The laser will give you a glowing complexion, plumper skin and it will also calm any redness” Debbie reassured me.

Finally, it was one more pass of red light and applications of SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic (high strength antioxidant vitamin C serum) and Dermaceutics K-Ceutic (a soothing protecting SPF 50 to protect my skin from the elements). Et volia. My obsession was born.

Visit debbiethomas.co.uk for more information. To book an appointment call:

020 7581 5211
 or email: [email protected]

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