The freedom to chase adventures

March 8, 2017

If you follow me on instagram then you’ll know I’ve spent the past couple of weeks in the mother city – Cape Town.

I had an absolute blast. January is always full of promise for the new year but all Jan and Feb had dealt in London was endless grey skies and snow so I decided it was high time to switch to warmer climes and have some sunny adventures. Off I went…

It felt so freeing to just book a ticket and get the hell outta the grey! I arrived in Cape Town, picked up a rental car and off I went to meet some friends and have some adventures. I went hiking, biking, running, swimming and supping (paddle boarding standing up).  I paraglided off a mountain, paid a visit to the cutest little penguins, tasted the wines and partied with the most epic people. Cape Town has so much to offer. The landscape is awe-inspiring A city framed by mountains and flanked by sea.

I’m going to follow this post with my top tips for any visit to Cape Town. I thought I’d start with pictures from my paragliding experience with Icarus Paragliding since it sums up how I felt the whole time I was in CT – a permanent high!

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