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The third and final session of my Hypnotherapy experience

June 27, 2019

During the week in-between my second and third session with Lydia my tickling cough turned into a full-blown bug. I’d managed to keep going long enough to make it through some social and work engagements plus a friend’s birthday fuelled by booze to override the fatigue. Obviously this remedy belongs to the devil and I paid my dues after. But things were still continuing to transform and blossom in my life even whilst I nursed a fever.

As I said in my previous post, the credit to which this blossoming belongs to is largely Lydia’s. Lydia, through her hypnotherapy and wise approach allowed me to realise the changes I needed to make in order to move forwards. As the buddhist teaching tells us; “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” My problem had been that I was spending too much time thinking of something that was in my past so I couldn’t fully live in my present. I had to change my thoughts. As I did as if by buddhist magic, everything around me started to transform too. My Ariean fire returned, I felt clarity, my creativity sparked and my relationships with the people I cared about were flourishing.

For my last session with Lydia summer had finally returned to the UK after weeks of heavy rain and flooding. Skies were blue, the sun shone, temperatures were soaring and everything seemed bright and very much alive. What an apt metaphor for the way I felt. Sure – I’m not saying my life had now morphed into a fairytale, but, things felt good. Really good. I talked to Lydia like I would to a great friend. I feel like Lydia really gets it. We reviewed all that had come up over the two sessions and made an affirming, strong visualisation for the future. At the end Lydia guided me through a luxurious hypnotherapy. I say luxurious because that’s how they always feel. Like stepping into a warm bubble bath with my favourite essential oils and candles dancing around me. I feel relaxed, happy, confident, independent and clear during the hypnotherapy journey’s and when I come out I know all these feelings are ones I want to hold on to and will hold on to, provided I keep aligning myself with the present, keep moving forwards and keep honouring the plan Lydia and I talked about.

If you read about my previous sessions on my previous posts then you’ll know that “situational anxiety” was the original reason I went to Lydia. This anxiety, over the last few years has peaked and troughed and sometimes it’s seemed to disappear altogether only occasionally rearing it’s unwelcome head. What I understand now is that this anxiety was the residue of a deeper issue which was my preoccupation with the past. Now I have let that go I feel better equipped than ever to deal with the situational anxiety as and when it should arise. Lydia has given me tools to use should it creep up and I feel confident that now, I will only see it’s face seldomly.

I feel incredibly lucky to have had the privilege to become aware of things that were holding me back. I am excited and full of energy and excitement about the future and it is no hyperbole to credit Lydia with so much of this. I’d recommend Lydia in a heartbeat to anyone who is curious about making any kinds of changes or shifts in their life no matter how big or small. As for myself, I’m going to stay in touch with Lydia and hope to share many experiences with her as she feels like a true friend now and one I am very grateful to have found.

*These sessions were kindly gifted.

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