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Warm-up before you run. Here’s a video of some moves that work well!

December 17, 2018

Warming up before the main part of any workout is crucial. You want to gradually increase your heart rate so  your muscles gradually become warmer and receive an increased oxygen supply. This will increase your performance and reduce the risk of injury. Injuries occur more often when the muscles are not warm and tear as a result of going into exercise too vigorously without the proper warm-up. I hope this helps!

Usually, I perform theses movements three times after a 5-minute slow jog. After I then jog for another 3 minutes before increasing the intensity for the main body of my run.

  • Dynamic stretches, opposite arm to opposite toe x 10
  • Dynamic hip flexor stretches x 10
  • Forward lunges x 12
  • Backwars lunges x 12
  • High knees 30 secs
  • But kicks 30 secs

I hope this is helpful and helps you run faster and safer!x

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