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December 20, 2023

What is your mission?

I want to lift people up and bring people together.

One way I’m doing this in is by offering group life coaching sessions in local London boroughs.

What qualification do you have?

I am a certified Co-Active Life Coach and trained in Stanford University’s Shirzad Chamine’s psychology, neuroscience and positive psychology Intelligence method. Before coaching I wrote about health and wellbeing for titles which include The Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard, Psychologies and Tatler.


Countless research tells us that we’ve never been lonelier and more disconnected and how destructive this is to our health, wellbeing and happiness.  Whats more the longest ever on-going longevity study conducted by Harvard University has proven that more than money, fame, career success etc – it’s the quality of our relationships that help us live longest, happiest and healthiest. The solution to many of our mental and physical wellbeing problems may be as simple as learning how to reconnect in a community and sharing our vulnerabilities with those we trust.

Can you explain what coaching is?

Life coaching is really self awareness coaching. The more self awareness we have the more we can make decisions that serve us rather than sabotage us. Coaching is an incredibly empowering and enlivening process.

Why is it important to you?

Having formerly struggled and suffered with my own limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours, I deeply understand and have great compassion for what it’s like to feel stuck, sad, indifferent, alone, afraid and unsure of which way is “up”. I feel mission-driven to help give the knowledge and support I wish I’d received from the get-go.

Do we all self-sabotage?

The truth is that the human condition leads us all to unconsciously self-sabotage. We hit the self-sabotage button in various ways due to our evolutionary negative bias, which is our propensity to pay greater attention to the things that do and can go wrong versus what could and does go right. We’re wired to minimise threats to our survival so we tend to play small and miss out on living life to our full potential. Gaining self awareness as to what, why and how we self sabotage gives us the ability to respond differently and in a way that serves rather than destructs. Life coaching also brings an individual’s strengths, passions, skills, goals and life purpose into clear perspective with a tangible plan to move forwards. Imagine the results when you switch from self sabotage into self service! It’s night and day – from the darkness and into the light. This is what makes coaching so powerful. The gold lies within us; we just need a helping hand when it comes to extraction.

Who is the group coaching for?

It is for high achievers who already feel successful in their world but have one or two puzzling stumbling blocks or pain points that seem insurmountable.

What’s the format for the sessions?

There are two options:

Drop-in group coaching sessions where each person simply shares what they’d like to receive coaching on in front of the group.

– 6 part series where each participant commits to attending one group coaching session per week. Topics explored will be connection, communication, confidence, purpose, goals, self sabotaging behaviours, overcoming fear and self awareness.

Sessions last approx 90 – 120 minutes.

What vibe should participants expect?

When you attend group sessions you will be surprised by how connected to yourself and others you feel. The closeness and trust and love experienced is phenomenal. Expect to feel every emotion and feeling and expect to enjoy sensory journey’s like guided meditations, breath sequences and music which all help to take you deeper. Expect to have many ah-ha moments and gain a new lease of life enriched with deep meaning and purpose.

What is your coaching USP?

I am deeply sensitive to individual needs and provide a fully accepting, non-judgemental, supportive, safe space for everyone to be completely free to be themselves. Every participant must agree to keep the session content strictly confidential. I am also bold and challenge people to go the extra mile they didn’t even realise they had in them.

Where are the sessions happening:

Group sessions are available online and in a private location in W11. Please email: [email protected] for details including when and where each group is taking place.

N.B. I am always looking to collaborate with venues equally dedicated to uplifting and bringing people together in this transformational environment. I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to offer your space to facilitate our shared mission.

What I wish I’d known when I was younger…

I wish I’d known that a fulfilled and optimal life means to expect failure more than success and it’s in harnessing the lessons of failure that our greatest strengths, unique gifts and ultimate potential and joy is revealed.  And this is what we are here to offer the world – all of our light that we’ve captured in both the good and hard times.

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