The Role of A Life Coach

January 4, 2021

When I tell people I meet that I’m a life coach one of the first frequently asked questions I get is (put simply); What gives you the authority to tell people how they should live their lives? And when someone doesn’t know what life coaching is all about, it’s absolutely a fair one.

The assumption and belief held by those who ask this question is that the role of a life coach is to tell people how to correctly live life and that we (us life coaches)  believe we know it all. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

The key principle that good life coaches understand is that there is no right or wrong. The job of a life coach is in fact to help each individual find their own “right” way, and what makes it “right” is that it has to be their way – the way of truth and integrity. A good life coach will help their client gain awareness of their blind spots, limiting beliefs and behaviours and draw out and dial up their unique strengths and gifts. A good life coach will help their client to embody and fully express their authentic truth, connecting them to their values and purpose and what makes them come alive. Everyone is unique and understands life in their own unique way and a life coach must always stay highly curious and never make any assumptions or diagnoses – but ask questions and closely observe and clarify what resonates with their client most.

A good life coach will always continue to work on themselves too. I’m constantly evolving and learning. In addition to my CTI certification, last year I completed Shirzad Chamine’s “Positive Intelligence” coach programme – allowing me to understand both my own and my clients sabotaging behaviours on a deeper, psychological level heightening the ability to replace them with behaviours that align with authentic truth and a higher self-actualisation.

“I know that I know nothing” (to borrow from Socrates) and I know that my way is not “the way” – it just works for me. And that’s really the bottom line. The only “right way” for you – is your own – and the more you give yourself permission and love and acceptance to follow your own intuition and inner knowing, the more freedom you’ll find.

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